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Netmax has recently earned the status & certification of Intel Authorized Solution provider. The First Company in India to become an I.A.S.P. (Intel Authorized Solution Provider), which is a very big milestone so far as solutions are concerned.  Today we have in our team an  Intel  certified  solutions  consultant  as  well  as  a  Intel  Certified Integration Specialist .We have always believed in adding more value to our products & services & hence have taken this step to further improve our system integration & networking expertise & also help us further understand our customers’ needs & help them select the right platforms & technologies for their specific requirements. Our engineers have been trained  by  Microsoft,  Intel  and  Novell  for  delivering  Management solutions for higher and critical network.


Netmax offers end-to-end networking solutions to meet your networking solutions to meet all your connectivity needs.

Some of the Solutions like:

  1. Corporate Intranet
  2. Internetworking Of Geographically Dispersed LANs Virtual Private
  3. Network (VPN)
  4. Microsoft Exchange Network
  5. ISDN
  6. Notes Network
  7. File Transfer Services
  8. LAN & WAN Connectivity
  9. E-commerce